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About The Contrast

David Reid: Lead vocals & guitars

Richard Mackman: Bass & backing vocals, Thorin Dixon: Drums, Simon Russell: Keyboards

The Contrast’s sleek, edgy, chiming guitar pop embraces influences spanning folk, rock & roll, country, surf, psychedelia, 60s pop, jazz, punk and power pop, plus film noir, surrealism and sci-fi, wrapped up into irresistible 3-minute pop songs.It’s impossible to tie the band to any specific musical genre or movement, although, in view of their flamboyant, raw live shows, garage rock is perhaps the closest fit.Operating out of Peterborough, a below sea-level (in more ways than one) city in the east midlands of the UK, The Contrast was formed by Glasgow born singer/songwriter/guitarist, David Reid in 1999. From the start, Reid’s plan was a simple one: “to write & perform songs that I love as much as my favourite records, books and movies”.

One of the best bands on the planet... and England too
— Little Steven van Zandt

Madhouse of Inventions

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